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Thursday Thirteen #1
July 20, 2006, 2:39 pm
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Thirteen Things about me!

1. I live on a farm with my husband and 3 teenagers.

2. I love spring when we have new baby calves, goats and rabbits.

3. I hate my job.

4. I’m slightly neurotic.

5. I have 2 cats in the house and one of them thinks he’s my kid.

6. I have nebby neighbors.

7. I have a dog that dislikes my neighbors. =oO

8. I’m a chocoholic.

9. I LOVE bananas and peanut butter – together.

10. I’m a pack rat, much to my husband’s chagrin.

11. My garden always has weeds, but always great vegetables.

12. I like to crochet and do mostly afghans, but have been known to do a few ponchos.

13. I really hope I did this right! ;o)

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Great TT list!
#9-me too, especially if you add some chocolate in there too!

Mine is up!

Comment by Tracie

I can relate to #4, #8 and #9. Yep, you did it right πŸ™‚ Welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

My list is up. Have a wonderful day….

Comment by Ardice

My kids would love spring at your place. We get the baby deer in our backyard, they are so precious! Happy Thursday!!

Comment by Denise

Just right! πŸ™‚ Good job! How big is your farm? My grandmother/grandfather used to live on a farm, it was 10 acres and my grandfather built there house on it! πŸ™‚ I loved it there!

Comment by Jenn

You did it exactly right.

PB and bananas on toast is my favorite breakfast ever. But I have to ask. What’s a “nebby” neighbor?

Comment by Jennifer

That so cool that you live on a farm! I love animals, so I’d be in heaven. Anyhow, thats a great first TT!

Mine is up!

Comment by astrocoz

Jenn, We have 35 acres. My husband cuts and bales fields on 4 other properties near us as well.

Jennifer, A nebby neighbor is the same as a nosy neighbor here in SW PA.

Thanks for commenting everyone!

Comment by tbirdonawire

Cool list. We had so much fun at granma’s last summer… ok, I had fun watching the dd!! My Grandparents had a 150 acre farm that they have now sold to my uncle!!

Happy TT!!

Comment by Les

hahah when I read your first line, I thought it said I live with my husband and three STRANGERS! Got my attention!

How fun to have a vegetable garden. I started flowers this year and am thrilled with my first buds.

Have a good day!

Comment by Lisa

You did it right! Great list. Love random lists! Weeds… they’re all that’s surviving this HEAT! Well… at least they’re green πŸ˜‰
Happy T13!

Comment by Kimmy

Great list. My garden has weeds too, but oh well. I love to crochet too, and chocolate is my downfall! Take care!

Comment by kelli

So, do you cat blog? If so, try the Carnival of the Cats. My TT is up.

Comment by K T Cat

We are getting so many TT people it is taking me two days to get through them…
I like PB and cucumbers..
My TT is up

Comment by Raggedy

Bananas and peanut butter– I can’t say I ever tried that combination!

My TT’s up at http://www.minthegap.com/?p=565

Comment by MInTheGap

Hey thanks for stopping in! Good TT. And yes, the red hair hooked me, always a sucker for red haired guys. Has to be GOLDEN red though…lol!

Comment by Mary

I too love spring and all the baby animals- I have to driv out to the country and spring is my favorite time for the little goats and sheep.
Lisa M


Comment by ~Ageless~

Hi! You dropped a comment over at my place, now I’ll drop by yours! Ooh. Goats and rabbits and calves. I hope to own a small animal farm someday… And here I thought I was a city girl. πŸ™‚ Great TT!

Comment by Katia

Happy TT!!!

Thanks for sharing! ;O)

Comment by Chanda

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