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Thursday Thirteen #7
September 14, 2006, 12:07 pm
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Thirteen Fark posts from today: (I *heart* Fark)

1. [Stupid] Nissan to introduce anti-drunk-driving mechanism, plus extra-long pin number that a drunk person can’t remember. Of course the person would be so drunk he wouldn’t think of writing it down beforehand

2. [Cool] Steve Irwin fans camping out for memorial tickets. Sting unavailable for comment

3. [Amusing] Not news: Woman attacks man for sleeping with other woman. News: She reacts by setting his house on fire and attacking him with a machete. Fark.com: The man is a 70-year-old priest and the woman is a nun that has had three of his abortions

4. [Cool] Ouch. 14 lb, 13 ounce baby born. Look at the size of that boy’s head. That’s a virtual planetoid. Has it’s own weather system

5. [Followup] Guy who was arrested for carrying a penis pump aboard airplane has charges drop after convincing judge he whispered “pump” and not “bomb” when asked what it was

6. [Amusing] Twenty-three thousand Segway scooters recalled due to hilarious glitch that causes wheels to suddenly reverse direction. Submitter hopes to see this thread in the Fark Video section soon

7. [Unlikey] Police think they can stop singing, swearing and shouting by drunks outside bars by giving drinkers suckers as they leave

8. [Interesting] Study proves drinkers earn more money than nondrinkers. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to afford a new liver

9. [Followup] Couple who was filmed beating a TV reporter have claim “not guilty.” Indicates goatees in the video

10. [Dumbarse] Fourteen-year-old, upset that his parents planned out his future career path, decides to put an end to that nonsense by burning his house down. Every so often, you gotta say “What the fark?”

11. [Followup] Man — who wrecked store microwave trying to warm up his urine-filled fake penis to beat a drug test — pleads guilty to disorderly conduct, fined for $425 and loss of dignity forever

12. [Unlikely] Colombia gang wives and girlfriends call for “crossed legs” sex strike to persuade their men to give up guns. Gang members promise to do so after they put a cap in the ungrateful biatches’ asses

13. [Amusing] Police burn 1,000 marijuana plants in Crown King, Arizona — note photo of cops standing downwind and smiling


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I actually read some of these stories earlier this week…wow..
Great list!
My TT is up

Comment by Raggedy

Bwahhhhh! :~D Thanks for the laugh. And for stopping by. My daughter was whining the other day about how our generation got all the good music. Funny. I so did not feel that way about the sixties.

Comment by Surrender Dorothy

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