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I grew up in a small town on my Grandmother’s farm. Her home was our second home. I knew I didn’t want to live where I could look out my window and see my neighbor looking out at me. Fortunately, the man I fell in love with and married had the same thing in mind. We live on a small farm and raise beef cattle, goats and rabbits. The goats and rabbits are pets. We also have dogs and cats. Although we only own 35 acres, my husband has agreements with the landowners around us who no longer farm to use their fields for hay. We have 3 teenage kids who say they would rather live in a city, but when their friends come over and see what all they have and act jealous, they act differently. We hope someday our kids will appreciate how they were raised. We don’t do things large scale, but what we do have keeps us plenty busy.
For those who have commented, the bird pictured on my header is a Vermilion Flycatcher.

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My amanuensis grew up in the country, too, but we we live in the city now.

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