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September 11, 2006, 6:37 am
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I’m sure there are going to be many posts about the 5th anniversary of 9/11 today. I’d like to take some time to write about the human aspect of it and leave all the political stuff aside.

I remember when the news came in. I was at work and started hearing people buzzing about something that sounded pretty important. At f irst people were in disbelief of what they were hearing. Then they started checking out the news sites and found that this was real. It was hard for us to wrap our heads around it. I, too, logged in to the news sites and sat there with my mouth gaping at the images that were being sent across the internet. How could this be?

I remember thinking about all the people that were inside the towers and how horrible the scene inside must be. The fear and pain that those people felt was more than I could comprehend. There have been shows on TV with stories from the survivors and what they were going through while this was happening. I know it sounds terrible, but for those that did not survive I would count the ones that died instantly very lucky.

I thought of the people who were seeing this on TV knowing that their loved ones were in or near the towers and they were helpless to do anything about it. I prayed for them as well.

News of the crash in Shanksville hit closer to home. We live about 2 hours from Shanksville. Here at work we all wondered if we should leave and go get our kids from school so we would know that they were safe with us.

My emotions were in a tailspin. Was there more to come? Were we in danger too? Why were we spared and why did the others have suffer and perish?