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Thursday Thirteen #9
September 28, 2006, 6:34 am
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*update – 9/29* – I’ve gone and done it.  I signed up with bluehost.com.  I’ve been itching to play and learn new things so we’ll see where this takes me….

Today I am asking for 13 pros and cons of using a paid site and which hosts you’d recommend or not:

1. Bev – I’ve never used a hosted site (well if you don’t count playing around with Blogger for awhile). I started out on the web learning HTML and so I’ve always had a virtual server.

2. Leanne – I’ve had my own domain for years. It’s mine. I like stuff, and it’s my stuff. I can do whatever I want with it, it’s got great page ranking in google, and it’s mine. Did I mention it’s mine?

I use http://blogs-about.com.

I do have a whole entry dedicated to starting up your own blog (more specifically, leaving blogger, but you can skip those parts), it’s in the sidebar on my blog if you want more info on the pros and con’s.


3. Jenny Ryan – I own my own domain name, and I love it. It is hosted by dreamhost, and as part of hosting your site with them you get the Word Press blogging software free, which I also love. It is VERY user-friendly for semi-ludites like me.

4. N. Mallory – I’ve owned the domain exit-23.net forever. It’s been great because no mater who my internet provider is I still get my email with no interruption. When I moved 1700 miles, I still got my email. I can set up 999 email accounts from very professional sounding to very silly and I still get it. I was able to set up accounts for my friends who were affected by Katrina so they could communincate with the world while they were displaced. I was also able to host a temporary website to support communication for katrina victims immediately after the hurricane.

As for hosts, I use http://asmallorange.com. I used to use lunarpages.com, but their service deteriorated over the last two years and they got too restrictive. I find that A Small Orange is fabulous as well as very inexpensive. Their customer service is extremely helpful as well as quick.